Trendy window Treatments for Unusual shaped windows

Dramatic windows in distinctive shapes such as arches, ovals and angles command immense attention. Unusual shaped windows have increasingly become trendy. s-craft has some for both new and remodeled houses. Special shaped windows take a substantial percentage of space more so for residential houses.

Types of unusual shaped windows

Unusual shaped windows are in two types:

Windows with rectangular shape at the bottom and specialty shape at the top

Those with a special own unique shape separated from door or window below

Designers of unusual shaped windows sometimes make them without considering the type of window treatment that can cover the architectural windows. Treatment ideas for windows with special shape but they are restricted to function and sizes. It means that you may find window coverings that can easily be opened in regular window but can only be opened partially or fail to open at all when they are put into windows with odd shape.
Some unusual shaped windows that require creativity and research on the right way to treat them are:

• Octagon

• Arched

• Oval

• Palladian

• Trapezoid

It might take a lot of effort to find the suitable treatment for unusual shaped windows but each window is coverable.

Why cover the windows?

• To maintain privacy

• Create protection from glaring sun

• Decorate the room

• Sort out thermal issues at the home has a variety of unusual shaped windows but for treatment, you have to decide whether:

The architectural look created by the unusual shaped window from inside is going to be preserved

The importance of the view presented by the window

If you have an odd shaped window at your house, you need to treat it right using tried and proven ideas.

Some basic options for covering unusual shaped windows are:


Pleated and cellular shades are superb option for unusual sized windows. Layers of pleats will form air pockets that provide an extra layer of insulation. Cellular shades block direct sunlight but do not obstruct all natural light. In the past days, shades were associated with old style of pull down and roll up olden day shades.

Nonetheless, shades have in the past two decades changed tremendously and have become easier to use, decorate around and live with than any time before. There are multiple types of shade types ranging from cellular, light blocking to honeycomb styles and many more. Shades can now be moved by sliding a finger across top bar of shade unit.


Shutters are an excellent way of handling unusual shaped window. They can be customized to match exact shape and size of a window that you want to give attention. Shutters can be stylish and classic way to deal with your window problem.

Shutters are easy to design in ways that fit all imaginable shapes. They include fan, vertical or horizontal slats that block or redirect light. They have different opening operations including the hinges. s-craft has bat windows that are a perfect fit for shutters. Plantation shutters are one of most popular shutter styles. They slip into sections, top and bottom. The versatility of custom-designed shutters makes the cost to be high.

Fabric sunburst

This is a versatile window treatment which is made using shirred fabric, pulled together at a corner or the center then spread out at the edges. A rosette from same fabric is regularly used as a decoration. Opacity will vary with the type of fabric used.

Silhouette shades

These shadings have vanes that let in light in open position but diffuse it gently. You can find silhouette window shadings in about any shape. They blend perfectly with and privacy needs.

Curtains and valances

At times, valances and curtains might be custom made using special sewing kits. Customization will depend on privacy and lighting requirements. Custom cloths can sit stationary above or at base of a window to enhance décor. They can also transverse. Custom cornices or valances are easy to make and shape to emulate unusual window shapes. This technique also emphasizes and replicates architectural detail in a room.


Blinds are an excellent choice for very tall narrow windows. Ordinary blinds will not work very well for windows with extremely unusual shapes like geometric designs. Blinds can however be custom made using different material and in different styles for odd shaped windows. Most common forms are Venetian and mini blinds. Blinds can be made using metal or wood. Depending on the required, they can be lowered or raised.

When blinds are custom arched or angled, they create a consistent look of other blinds in that room. When matched to looks of a room, blinds are very effective. You may position individual slats to redirect light. Wooden or metal blinds are perfect for conservative rooms. Plastic blinds are more suited for modern and open rooms. Fabric covered blinds are good for the cozy and comfortable rooms.

Extremely tall or extremely large windows that perfectly use motorized blinds. Drive unit can operate using a remote control to allow opening and closing. It can also be lowered and raised with a wall switch or remote control button.


Draperies are flexible because you can use them for unusual shaped windows of any size or shape. A flat design sewn together and fastened to a wall around windows can be created if a window cannot accommodate drapery bar. Swags and droops are some of best style of draperies for dressing unusual or bay shaped window style.

Swags are created when drapery material is bunched to one side at the top of a window, attached along upper edge then pulled to one side. It is then fixed to opposite upper corner or to tie back a bar or loop to the wall on one side. Droops are termed thus when material is hung across the points that are attached to sides of upper edge of window. In case of unusual shaped window on a wall, droops are hung across but allowed to flow freely down the middle and sides.

There are many ways for practical treatment of unusual shaped windows. You just need to find what fits your taste and needs.